Vertical roller mill

  • Introduction to the Vertical roller mill

    Vertical roller mill is a kind of crushing equipment featuring high-efficient and energy-saving. And Vertical roller mill have integrated the crushing and grading into a single whole , which have satisfied the various requirements of the customers and materials. And at the same time , we company also have the super thin grinding mill of Vertical roller mill ,which have been catogrized as the new &high energy-saving products in the eight fifth period by the national cement development center .

  • Vertical roller mill Pictures

    Vertical roller mill 2 Vertical roller millVertical roller mill PDF Download

  • Technical features of Vertical roller mill

    1)The time materials stayin the machine body is short ,which can reduce the repeating grinding and have a stable quality.
    2)the adjustable dry air temoeture,and high drying ability ,energy-saving.
    3)the non-direct contacting equipment installed on the roller shells and the grinding liner can avoid the damage compact and strong shaking.
    4)the machine merges the crushing ,drying,grinding ,and classifying into a single whole .
    5) the grinding roller and the liner adopts the high-quality materials ,which can reduce the abrasion and increase the service life .
    6)the whole seal of the equipment makes the system work in a negative environment with no dust leaking and a clean environment.

  • Application of Vertical roller mill

    Vertical roller mill are mainly applied to proceed the powder crushing manufacturing of the materials such as calcite, limestone, light dry stone coal, barite, fluorite, glaze, slag, wollastonite, kaolin, vermiculite, mica, feldspar, brucite, spores, potassium salt slag, garnet , quartz,etc.And the Vertical roller mill can also be used to the non-metal mining areas with the Mohs hardness of less than 7degree ,such as mining metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, medicine, food, daily chemical, agricultural, building ,and so on.

  • Main technical parameters of Vertical roller mill

    Specification Capacity(t/h) Humidity of Raw Coal Fineness of Powder Humidity of Powder(%) Motor Power(kw)
    CLM1250M 7-12 <15% 5-12% ≤1 132
    CLM1300M 10-15 <15% 5-12% ≤1 185
    CLM1400M 12-17 <15% 5-12% ≤1 200
    CLM1500M 16-22 <15% 5-12% ≤1 250
    CLM1700M 20-28 <15% 5-12% ≤1 315
    CLM1900M 26-35 <15% 5-12% ≤1 400
    CLM2200M 35-45 <15% 5-12% ≤1 500
    CLM2400M 40-50 <15% 5-12% ≤1 560
    CLM2800M 50-62 <15% 5-12% ≤1 710
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